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Paige Turley Who Won Love Island Complained about the Prize Money

Did you know that winners of Love Island are supposed to receive over $60 thousand in prize money? Well, of course, you do. The participants of the show are also informed about this prospect. However, some of them still did not receive their winnings. For example, the winners of the latest season Paige Turley and Finley Tapp did not get their money at all!

The couple decided to split the prize between them evenly. However, a month after the conclusion of the show, they did not receive the funds. During her interview with the Heat Magazine, she told the reporter that her bank account is still not pumped with the cash from the showrunners. At the same time, she expressed her confidence that the funds are coming and that there will be a huge shopping trip right after she receives them.

The couple has been quite active outside of the show. They are spending a lot of time together and even met relatives of each other. Paige told the Heat that Finn was well received by her family and that he “fits in” nicely. The couple had several talks about marrying soon. However, they don’t want to make rushed decisions.

The rumors about them marrying soon are actually substantiated by the fact that the couple actually discussed how they want to celebrate it. Considering that Paige wants to host the event in the Maldives while Finn prefers smaller, scaled-down ceremonies in traditional settings, there could be two weddings. The only thing they need is to get the money they won on the reality show.


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