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Before Bloom: Katy Perry and Her Marriage with Russell Brand

As the date of the wedding between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom nears, it is the best time to recollect some of the memories related to the explosive marriage story involving Perry and Russell Brand.

The couple started dating in the distant 2009. The relationship was kicked off by Russell who impressed the singer with a massive black diamond encrusted in gold. Three months into the relationship and Russell proposed Perry publicly offering her not only his heart but everything else he had. The proposition itself was arranged beautifully with the couple spending a nice vacation in India.

The same year, they had a massive ceremony also hosted in India. Despite such a bright and hopeful beginning, the next several months were a horrible nightmare for Katy Perry. Russell was not a gift in a box. He was a recovered drug addict with personality issues. The couple had fought all the time. Having to spend a lot of time apart did not help at all.

Katy Perry’s crying and desperation were well-documented since footage of her California tour was eventually put together into a documentary in which she frequently was depicted devastated and crying over the latest feud with her husband. The honeymoon period ended shortly as the couple quickly realized that they had vastly different goals in life and had seemingly nothing in common.

Perry later said that her husband was too focused on spiritual aspects of life and built a small quiet family with his wife. Katy Perry being young and energetic wanted to attend Hollywood parties and spend some time in society. It was later revealed that Russell also pressured Katy to have children. The singer with a very promising and immediate future was not ready for such drastic changes in her life.

Perry also accused her ex-husband of jealousy. Russell did not feel jealous in the romantic sense of the word. He struggled to cope with the fact that his young wife was more famous and successful than him. The couple was on the verge of breaking up several times, but they managed to get through some of the rows. However, the story ended on Christmas Eve when Katy Perry decided to return her wedding ring to her husband and announce that she wanted a divorce.

What is really interesting is that some people close to the couple believed that Katy Perry actually wanted Russell to come back crawling yet he did not cave and filed a divorce on the next day after not being able to reach her (Katy turned off her phone).

Years later, Katy Perry is preparing to marry Orlando Bloom and announces that she is pregnant. Russell also managed to build a really good family with his yoga teacher. He has two children. Both Russell and Perry are on good terms and say only nice things about each other ever since the loud divorce story.


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