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Dr. Alex George on His Coronavirus Experience

Some celebrities are doing their part in fighting the ever-expanding pandemic. Dr. Alex George who recently was part of the show Love Island is now in the army of first responders to the SARS Cov-2 pandemic.

He recently talked about his latest shift as an NHS worker and dealing with the abundance of suffering and deaths caused by the coronavirus. Note that he is an actual medic working in the hospital in Lewisham where COVID-19 cases have been growing at an alarming pace.

He said that Monday was very tough on him as he saw multiple patients succumbing to the infection and losing their lives as they were fighting the disease. The celebrity doctor told Sky News that his shift was challenging yet the NHS expects the peak somewhere in the next couple of weeks. He said that it was just one shift.


A very frightening part of the interview was in relation to young people in their 20s and 30s being admitted in the ICUs due to coronavirus complications. He said that it was very upsetting and alarming that so many youngsters with no comorbidities were weakened by the virus so heavily.

Dr. George also noted that the vast majority of people are recovering without the necessity of hospitalization. Being home and receiving care is often enough to get through the symptoms of the otherwise deadly virus that has been ravaging the world since December of 2019.

The star of Love Island is planning to give his all in the battle against the novel coronavirus.


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